We are Green PIPS

  • Green Pips, (formerly Green Points Foreign Markets Commodities Brokerage L.L.C est.2017) is a boutique Investment Advisory firm with the joint venture of Multinational fund managers.
  • Focuses on Alternative Investment Advisory Services.
  • Green Pips is registered as a Commercial Brokers from Dubai Economic Department, Dubai – UAE.

Your money is protected

You deposit your funds into an Green Pips in safe range of ways.

  • Your money is held in segregated accounts at regulated banks
  • Your money is ring-fenced from our creditors
  • Low correlation to traditional programs/asset classes
  • Straight-forward, repeatable yet flexible process
  • Diversified across multiple systems/time horizons
  • Dynamically weighted allocations
  • Systematic models adapt to changing market conditions
  • Dynamic risk adjustment
The benefits of working with us

Easy-to-use platforms
We use fast, powerful platforms

Massive market range
Trade on over 15,000 markets, including more 24-hour indices than any provider and out-of-hours US shares.

Effective risk management
We confidently protect your capital and keep track of your funds. We provide every detail of your account and trading profit and loss.

Our team

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What do we do?

Our Mission, Values and Motto

GREEN PIPS combined experience, proven methodologies and shared national and international resources ensure customer success on every level. Implementing enterprise solutions and providing support through a local presence allows us to be responsive and accessible to our customers.
Our commitment to quality has enabled us to take advantage of the specialised talents and industry experience of each of our locations and maintain the highest quality of customer service.
Our client relationships are based on loyalty, mutual respect, transparency, confidentiality, and trust. Thus, GREEN PIPS aim to contribute to the growth of its clients’ investments or advised or who use our platform of value-added financial services and products. As the UAE economy contrives to grow, we are offering our clients more services and investment products via our revamped platform and management team. I therefore invite you to take the path to GREEN PIPS.
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